Weighing and Scale Systems

Meet target weights for bags, boxes and other processes without the losses of overfilling.

Eliminate Overfilling Losses

MARS Weighing and Scale Systems ensure the correct weight and mix of product is sent to the right area at the right time for enhanced profitability. The system can utilize MARS hoppers or be retrofitted to existing scales to help eliminate overfilling, which is common for bagged and boxed product. Our two-stage system pre-weighs product to a set standard and then allows for manual filling for maximize accuracy.

System Flexibility Suitable for All Needs

Processing needs can vary significantly from plant to plant, and even from day to day. That’s why we designed the MARS Weighing and Scale Systems with ultimate flexibility, able to accommodate any number of scale systems, product mixes and more. Products can be mixed based on percentage, weight or manual override, and those numbers can quickly be changed to adjust the workflow based on daily staffing or other variables, such as the shift from 5-pound to 10-pound bags.

User Friendly, Touchscreen Controller

The proprietary MARS Food Processing Solutions controller features a user-friendly interface that can be used to manage up to four weighing systems. The 7-inch touchscreen display enables easy setup and management, a significant improvement from the 1-line LCD display and complicated menu of other controllers. The hopper system console displays the hopper name and total weight processed.

Also, unlike other controllers, data is not stored locally, but instead is continuously uploaded and stored to a Microsoft SQL Server database — making data available to users via reports, charts, status screens, printing, automatic report emailing, alarms and many other useful features.

By eliminating chronic overfilling, big profitability gains can be seen.

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