Custom Efficiency Solutions

Gain efficiency in practically any process with our custom designed solutions.

Countless Ways to Maximize Efficiency

MARS Food Processing Solutions has designed a wide variety of custom efficiency management solutions for the poultry and food processing industries. From watermelon distribution and corn dog counters to marination and bird sizing, our efficiency systems are all designed to carefully track and measure the variables that matter most.

Proprietary Touchscreen Controller

Regardless of the application, we utilize our proprietary MARS Food Processing Solutions controller which features a user-friendly interface and 7-inch touchscreen display that enables easy setup and management, a significant improvement from the 1-line LCD display and complicated menu of other controllers.

Real-Time Insight

Real-time status screens can be used to increase awareness and engagement from personnel, and alarms can be set up to notify managers when efficiency thresholds are triggered.

Customized Reporting

Detailed, customized reporting options are set up for each solution to provide actionable insight into plant operations.

Custom Reporting

Learn how to boost efficiency in a variety of processing situations with the expertise of MARS Food Processing Solutions.

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