Small Efficiency Improvements for Big Gains in Secondary Processing

MARS Food Processing Solutions extends efficiency expertise to secondary processing systems that deliver small, daily productivity improvements that can quickly add up to significant savings.

Efficiency Counters

Track efficiency in a variety of second processing systems to identify areas for improvement.
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Gain precision in weighing system and scales to stop overfilling losses.
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Optimize product distribution based on weight or time with ultimate flexibility.
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Trimming Efficiency

Track manual trimming to gain yield, improve trim times and identify areas for personnel improvement.
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Custom Solutions

Our efficiency expertise can be applied to a variety of custom solutions for poultry processing and other food processing industries.
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Driving Second Processing Efficiency

At MARS Food Processing Solutions, we understand that efficiency matters in every aspect of food processing, with even small daily improvements generating significant savings and increased profitability. We listen to your challenges and customize our Efficiency Management Systems with your unique needs in mind.

Gain Efficiency

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