Maximize Scalder Efficiency

Maintain the optimal temperature in scalders to balance yield, picking effectiveness and meat quality.

Precise Control to Maintain the Ideal Temperature

The MARS Scalder Control System maintains scalder temperature within +/- 0.5 degree, the most precise in the industry. By maintaining tighter temperature control, we help processing plants preserve yield while still enabling effective picking.

Precision Through Steam Valve Adjustments

The MARS Scalder Control System monitors and maintains a consistent temperature inside scalder tanks by continuously adjusting the steam valve. If the RTD probe records a temperature outside of the set range, the system opens or closes the valve accordingly.

User Friendly, Touchscreen Sontroller

The proprietary MARS Food Processing Solutions controller features an user-friendly interface that can be used to manage up to four scalder tanks, and monitor rail and makeup temperatures. The 7-inch touchscreen display enables easy setup and management, a significant improvement from the 1-line LCD display and complicated menu of other controllers. The display shows the target temperature, actual temperature and output percent for each tank.

Comprehensive Reporting to Monitor Efficiency

Our reporting system provides detailed event reports, including when scalder target temperature was out of range, back in range or changed, and when the offset temperature was changed. Detailed charts can also be generated, showing the target and actual temperature for the selected shift, line, system or date range.

Scalder Shift Report

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