Efficiency Counter Systems

A processing management tool with 99.6% guaranteed accuracy designed to deliver significant efficiency improvements by tracking production, identifying areas of improvement and engaging personnel.

You Can’t Improve What You Don’t Understand

The MARS Efficiency Counter Systems utilize a proprietary touchscreen controller, custom software and precise sensors to measure line efficiency and product efficiency, alerting management to problems for a fast resolution that minimizes losses.

Counters, which provide a line speed and product rate per minute allowing the desired speed to be achieved, can be used in multiple first processing areas including kill lines, evisceration lines, salvage lines, cut-up lines and debone lines.

Track Line and Product Status

Our Counter Systems track defined events, such as:

  • Lines down, slowed or stopped and the reason based on code
  • No product on the line/decrease in product rate
  • Shift output

Immediate or time-defined (1, 2 or 5-minute intervals) text or email alerts can be set up to alert management to production declines or maintenance to equipment problems that require attention.

Redundant Sensors

Redundant Sensors on Picking Lines Guarantee Accuracy

We utilize redundant sensors on every picking line counter system to provide an accuracy guarantee of 99.6%. An end-of-day report is automatically generated to show any discrepancies between the primary and redundant sensor.

Real-Time Efficiency Reporting Engages Personnel

Real-time data from the counter systems are shown on scoreboards installed on the plant floor. These large 50-inch monitors, which are mounted inside waterproof washdown enclosures, motivate employees to increase product efficiency.

Displays can be customized to show line efficiency and employee efficiency, with stoplight-coded lights (green, yellow, red) showing if set thresholds are being met. If a particular line or employee falls below set efficiency expectations, the light turns and remains red until improvement is seen.

User Friendly, Touchscreen Controller

The proprietary MARS Food Processing Solutions controller features an user friendly interface that can manage up to eight counter systems. The 7-inch touchscreen display enables easy setup and management, a significant improvement from the 1-line LCD display and complicated menu of other controllers.

Also, unlike other controllers, data is not stored locally, but instead is continuously uploaded and stored to a Microsoft SQL Server database — making data available to users via reports, charts, status screens, printing, automatic report emailing, alarms and many other useful features.

Daily, Weekly or Historic Event Reporting

Our Counter Efficiency System features full daily, weekly and historic reporting capabilities to enable in-depth analysis of the production environment. End-of-shift reports summarize line efficiency, product efficiency, downtime, production loss time and more to make quick adjustments for immediate efficiency gains.

Weekly or historic reports help identify reasons for downtime areas and can be used to justify capital investments. All reports have a consistent interface to enhance usability and can be customized based on each facility’s needs.

Line Event Reports

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Small efficiency improvements can save a week of production per year — eliminating the need for weekend shifts, thereby decreasing staffing costs.

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