Efficiency Matters in Every Step of the Process

Developed with industry input, MARS Food Processing Solutions offers three first processing efficiency systems that deliver small, daily efficiency improvements that can quickly add up to significant savings and enhanced profitability.

Efficiency Counter Systems

Our counter systems are the ultimate processing management tool for enhanced efficiency. Monitor and measure line and product efficiency at various points throughout first processing to identify areas of opportunity and make informed decisions about staffing, capital investments and more.
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Scalder Control System

Our Scalder Control System monitors and maintains a consistent temperature inside up to four scalder tanks, working to maintain the delicate balance between efficient picking, yield and meat quality.
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Paw Recovery Systems

Our Paw Recovery System is an affordable solution for paw harvesting, and USDA paw tracking and inspection. By maintaining precise track of paws after separation from the bird, rejected paws can be automatically discarded while minimizing loss.
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Driving First Processing Efficiency

At MARS Food Processing Solutions, we understand that efficiency matters in every aspect of food processing, with even small daily improvements generating significant savings and increased profitability. We listen to your challenges and customize our Efficiency Management Systems with your unique needs in mind.

Gain Efficiency

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