You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

The MARS Efficiency Management System is an intuitive solution for monitoring and managing the efficiency of various first and second processing operations within poultry processing plants.

Simple Control at Your Fingertips

Plugin modules within the system’s user-friendly, Microsoft-based software interface with controllers to measure and monitor operations, and identify areas for efficiency improvements. Every controller uses a 7-inch touchscreen for simple, consistent and user-friendly operation.

Real-Time Efficiency

Real-time status screens on the plant floor increase awareness and engagement from personnel.

Rapid Alerts

Rapid Alerts, Quick Response

Pop-up alarms allow for quick response to minimize losses or downtime. Managers are notified by email or text when efficiency thresholds are triggered, such as when a target drop below a designated level, when lines go down unexpectedly or when communication with controllers is disrupted.

Detailed Reports

Drawing from a complete history log of events, custom reports—from hourly production summaries to minute-by-minute production detailers—can be generated to help justify capital investments, identify areas of improvement, or understand other opportunities to gain efficiency.

System Reporting

Efficiency Matters

Efficiency matters in every aspect of food processing, with even small daily improvements generating significant savings and increased profitability. MARS Food Processing Solutions develops every Efficiency Management System with our customer’s unique needs in mind.

  1. We Listen

    Rather than tell you what you need, we first listen to your challenges to identify areas for increased efficiency.

  2. We Develop

    We customize our efficiency management system to your specific needs, whatever they are. No project is too large or small. As a smaller company, we are quick and nimble in our development and customization services.

  3. We Support

    After installation and training, small modifications are often critical to the success of the system. We anticipate this as part of the process and work with customers to ensure satisfaction.

Gain Efficiency

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