Streamlined Data Accessibility

Our intelligently designed platform and infrastructure simplifies the process of collecting, accessing and leveraging data—enabling smarter decisions in the plant.

Advanced Data Storage

Unlike other controllers, which store data locally, every MARS efficiency solution leverages a SQL Server database on either a local MARS server or within the customers’ existing secured SQL server environment. Since the data is stored in a secure central location, the data is available for quick retrieval and analysis by the client software.
Our flexible platform makes software updates and system edits easy while also ensuring data security.

Local and Virtual Accessibility

Collected data is analyzed and made accessible to users via reports, charts, status screens, printing, automatic report emailing, alarms and more. Data is accessed through a proprietary Windows client program installed on an individual’s local computer, a Web client that runs on any web browser, or by accessing the MARS server the local. While the client server can be installed on any local client workstation, system updates will be more labor intensive so the use of our Web Client is encouraged.
Our heavily secured virtual servers, made accessible via company intranet, enable quick, streamlined access to the latest platform updates. Client server security is completely customizable based on client demands.

Customized Data Always at Your Fingertips

MARS engineers have the experience to customize our platform to suit your precise needs. Then, authorized client users can access the system through the client server to set thresholds, view reports and more. Our goal is to enable you to make informed decisions.

Real-Time Insights on the Plant Floor

Designed to withstand the harsh environment of the production floor, MARS Scoreboards deliver real-time stats down to the individual worker level. Completely customizable via the client server, scoreboards enable supervisors to understand where issues are occurring in order to make proactive adjustments to the line. Scoreboards also make it easy to share special messages or announcements with plant personnel.

Efficiency Matters

Efficiency matters in every aspect of food processing, with even small daily improvements generating significant savings and increased profitability. MARS Food Processing Solutions develops every Efficiency Management System with our customer’s unique needs in mind.

Gain Efficiency

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