About MARS Food Processing Solutions

Created from a Merger of Processing Proficiency

MARS Food Processing Solutions (FPS) was formed in 2017 with the merger of three experts in poultry processing: Meyhen International, Mattco Industrial Products and WG Mars. Founded to help poultry processors gain access to the information necessary to maximize plant efficiency, the company has developed cutting-edge software that monitors various processes in poultry processing plants and enables precise control to boost output.

Prior to the formation of MARS Food Processing Solutions, WG Mars was a small company with big ideas. Backed by the resources of Meyhen International and MATTCO, the company expanded its service and installation capabilities plus increased its research and development efforts with the goal of bringing more solutions to poultry processors in a timely manner.

MARS Food Processing Solutions is headquartered in Denver, NC.  The company has an additional service center in Fort Smith, AR, and IT administration based in Savanna, Georgia.