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You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

MARS Food Processing Solutions has created intuitive solutions for monitoring and managing the efficiency of various first and second processing operations within poultry processing plants.

Efficiency Counters

The ultimate processing management tool for enhanced efficiency, counter systems monitor and measure line and product efficiency to identify areas of opportunity.

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Stunner Monitoring

The MARS Stunner Monitoring and Reporting System helps achieve optimal stun settings, including precise amperage and voltage, to maximize meat quality.

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Scalder Control

Monitor and maintain a consistent temperature inside scalder tanks to manage the delicate balance between efficient picking, yield and meat quality.

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Paw Recovery

Maintain precise track of paws after separation from the bird for USDA/NPIS paw tracking and inspection.

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Second Processing Solutions

Efficiency Counters

Track efficiency in second processing systems to identify areas for improvement.
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Weighing / Scales

Precision in weighing systems and second processing scales.
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Optimize product distribution based on weight or time
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Trimming Efficiency

Track manual processes, such as trimming efficiency, to gain yield.
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Custom Solutions

Learn about our custom systems in poultry and other food processing industries.
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Efficiency matters in every food processing facility, yet no two facilities are the same.

The efficiency experts at MARS Food Processing Solutions work with customers to understand their unique challenges and develop custom solutions to meet desired efficiency gains.